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Occupy Brisbane was a decentralised, democratic occupation being held in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. It was based around a common belief that the inequalities that exist worldwide have to change. There was great disagreement around solutions, so this audio should be taken as opinion rather than the collective belief of Occupy Brisbane.

5 November 2011

Occupy Brisbane held a march and rally to assert our right to peacefully assemble.

There were chants, discussions and the music of Aaron the gutsy bagpiper (who at the time already faced $2000 worth of fines) to build up spirit while the speakers were organised. Quite a bit of negotiation had to go on with the police as Occupy Brisbane hadn't previously applied for a permit to rally and march at this time.

The build up.

Speeches begin:

Thomas an Occupy Brisbane organiser

Academic Gary McLennan

Peter, a representative from the Transport Workers Union talking about the QANTAS strike.

Kathy Newnam from the Revolutionary Socialist Party. Kathy's blog.

The march begins.

Bagpipes and the noise of an empowered crowd. Beautiful.

More of the same.

Speeches outside Post Office Square.

Kate's heartfelt speech.

Occupy Brisbane faced a little hassle from the police, but decided by consensus to stay.

Dylan (I think) has his say.

Julie inspires.

Occupy Brisbane marched towards Queen's Park, another place they had been kicked out of.
Aaron led on the bagpipes.

2 November 2011

This is an audio montage of the eviction of Occupy Brisbane from Post Office Square.


22 October 2011

A rally was held in solidarity with Occupy Melbourne who were brutally cleared out of their campsite by police a few days before.

The first statement of Occupy Brisbane.


A speech by Kate:


Kathy Newnam speaks about the origins of Occupy Brisbane.


15 October 2011

Some speeches from the first day at Occupy Brisbane.

Dave Eden
Adrian Skerritt
On mockery

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